A Little Bit of History

Only a little bit, mind you, but I am really, really glad that the magic of technology has helped me spruce up and rescue this audio file. It’s an “interview” (I was a singularly incurious interviewer at the time, under the influence of puberty and obligation) recorded when I was I suppose 13 and my nan was in her late 60’s, about her experiences in the war.

Personally, I spent 8 minutes yelling “ASK HER MORE ABOUT THAT BIT!!!!” at my former self, but hearing her voice again after getting on for 17 years was pretty extraordinary in itself. Thanks I guess are due to whichever of my teachers at Treviglas got me to do it; I suppose it must have been Mr. Firmston (history), but it could equally have been Mrs. Sleep (English).

Anyway, my own personal blast-from-the-past. 1991 or 1992 vintage. I rescued this off tape; how long will an mp3 on the internet last? Makes you feel like a donation to the Wayback Machine, or “rogue archivist” Carl Malamud, or if you like the big picture, the Long Now foundation.

Plymouth in the Blitz

[gplayer href=”/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/PlymouthInTheBlitz.mp3″ ] Plymouth in the Blitz [/gplayer]

Do yell if this doesn’t work in your browser.

If you were a theme park….

Sunday morning discovered me slumped in front of the goggle box after a splendid bash, looking for something I could use to keep my eyes occupied for ten minutes. I found a curious factoid-laden thing about Dolly Parton, which as you would expect mentioned Dollywood. In my hypnagogic state, my mind wandered off after the idea. What would it be like, I wondered, if I had a theme park? What would be in it? Continue reading

Nine silences for a friend

I’ve been reviewing the contents of my slab of old bits of writing. Most of it, of course, is nonsense (for that matter, so’s this), but life is in edit, and I had reason to think of the friend I wrote it for the other day, so here it is again. The original is dated November 2000: I’ve done a minimal amount of touching-up to get it in this form.
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Mystifying Eternal Certainties

(“Mystifying” by the way used as an adjective.)

  1. To pack, simply sort through your belongings and throw 50% of them out, until you have twice what you started with
  2. Whilst packing, you will suddenly remember your favourite shirt/blouse/t-shirt and, despite not having thrown a single piece of clothing out for the last 20 years, will be utterly unable to find it
  3. You will make a careful and concise list of what goes into each box, and will label each box clearly with its own unique code. Even as you are doing this, you know with a chilling insight that your list will be wrong and the boxes will somehow arrive unlabelled.
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Absolutely Everything

Since I am now doing absolutely everything at once, and with rather more success than in earlier, more laid-back, times… anyone know how this works? I know that tasks expand to fill the available time, that’s fine: what I’m interested is the corollary, in which efficiency seems to increase exponentially to a (linear) increase in task count… undoubtedly there’s some terribly subtle stuff going on here. Hmm.

Jazzin’ It Up A Bit

Acknowledged: have neglected this personality-dissemination forum more than usual lately. Have therefore spruced up the neighbourhood a bit. Yell if bits of it don’t work. It may look neat on the surface, but, swan-like, there’s nine kinds of activity going on under the surface. With that in mind, does anyone have any idea where this evening went? I can’t have spent it all looking for a decent theme… can I?

Hope you’ve all got widescreen monitors. Sorry.