Right. This evening’s meejah round-up as follows:

Avenue Q: Very good, definitely not safe to describe to colleagues unless they quit some time ago.

Untold Stories: Very Alan Bennett, much more to my taste when I imagine his voice than when I hear it (as in the endless trailers on R4) for some reason. Sorry Mr. B., no idea why that should be. Nonetheless the kind of eminently readable and slightly tart prose which it’s hard not to read.

The Prestige: Actually rather good. Although I admit to being a sucker for anything with Hugh Jackman in, and, fair enough, anything with Christian Bale in, and, fair enough, anything with David Bowie in, and, fair enough, anything with Andy Serkis in… I thought it had its own merits as well ;> Even if the “shocking twists” retained their shock, they certainly weren’t surprising; a couple of unaccountabilities in the film earlier on clearly signpost the way. Ah well. Nonetheless an enjoyable couple of hours’ romp.

Oh, and I bought a filing cabinet this morning. Does anyone else think I should get out more?

*How* old?

Good lord. Housemate S has just provided me with a more-than-reasonable excuse to spend a merry hour slumped in front of the brain-eating monster goggling at Ghostbusters II. Which came out in 1989. Let’s be quite clear about that: 1989. FIVE YEARS after Ghostbusters. Which came out in 1984. Also known as twenty-two years ago. I have friends who weren’t born when it came out.

I think I need a drink.